Workshop of the representatives of RHP Alpha Group and Igman Initiative

Novi Sad

On December 2017 the Igman Initiative started with the implementation of the CARE Project, with support from the European Commission. The main objective of the Project is to support the sustainability of and civic engagement in the Regional Housing Programme (RHP) in all participating countries. The main objective is to be attained through a sub-granting programme extended to CSOs to: improve access to data and analysis on the sustainability of the RHP, and enhance the RHP beneficiaries’ livelihoods, access to rights, and local integration.

On May 29th Igman Initiative organized a workshop with the representatives of the RHP so as to discuss cooperation between civic and public sector within the framework of the CARE Project. The participants were primarily focused on identifying the pressing needs of the RHP beneficiaries, types of support to be provided, criteria for selecting the most vulnerable beneficiaries and financial framework of the sub-granting programme through which the support will be distributed.

The participants unanimously agreed that the following targeted beneficiaries and types of activities will be supported:

Public call for proposals will be published in the last quarter of 2018 for civic society organizations that have experience and demonstrated success in dealing with the issues of refugees, returnees and IDPs, have necessary capacities, field coverage, mobility and human resources to implement the activities effectively, and have implemented project of similar scope in the past. Exact dates of the public call in each country will be determined in cooperation with RHP Lead institutions. The guidelines for call for proposals will be published on the Igman Initiative Potential applicants will have 60 days to complete application process. During the application process an informative session will be organized in a form of a webinar during which applicants will be able to ask questions to help them fill in the form and put together their applications. Igman Initiative will also provide a contact point to which questions will be addressed via e-mail. Applicants will be able to submit questions in writing up to 21 days before the deadline for the submission of proposals. The Igman Initiative will reply to all such questions at least 11 days before the deadline for submission of proposals. Replies will be published on the website of the Igman Initiative, i.e. there is no need to provide individual replies.